There are over 350,000 international students in Canada.


This figure has doubled since 2008. Canada receives an annual salary of about $ 8 billion in Canada from these students. What makes Canada so attractive to foreign students? What are the best MBA programs in Canada?

What are the typical costs of studying and living in Canada? How much would you earn after graduation? We will include all of these questions in this post. Seven of the top 150 universities in the world are Canadians

For MBA graduates, a list of employment opportunities is likely to emerge compared to the US, with more than 98% of its smaller firms, with less than 100 employees. The remaining 2% consists of medium-sized firms, with approximately 500 employees.

These small to medium-sized companies, or SMEs, have a responsibility to create an annual job demand for about 100,000 people and their economic contribution is more than 50%. Although Canada may not have as many MBA awards as it can offer as its famous neighbor, it still offers an excellent educational environment with some benefits.

Therefore, let us review the benefits of studying in Canada as an international MBA student. Canadian features in our list of top countries to study abroad, depending on the inclusion of MBA applicants working with MBA Crystal Ball.

It provides accessible education, with world-class resources, multicultural exposures, good living standards, and most importantly, the opportunity to easily transition from a study to a formal work environment. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

Multiculturalism was officially adopted as a policy in the early 1970s. The country believes in Canadian culture that includes diverse regions, religions, languages ​​and cultures. Immigration is considered the most important economic and social issue for a nation.

They believe in policies that include immigrants in Canadian society. Currently, the country has the largest immigrant population in the world, with a large percentage of its population being family or first or second generation refugees. Clearly, they take the word “multiculture” seriously.

Such a situation creates a better life for foreign students who come in large numbers from all over the world. Language still plays an important role in the reform process, even in the French provinces. About 18% of the population is able to continue the conversation in either French or English. Everyone else knows at least one of these two languages.

As for other races, you can find a strong presence in Asian culture, especially the large number of Indians and Chinese. There are 34 ethnic groups in Canada and some exceed one million people. a direct immigration process to obtain their right to work legally in the country.

As an overseas student in Canada, if you graduate from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI), you may be eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). PGWP performance depends on the study period.

For example, 2-year MBA degrees can last up to 3 years. In any program less than 2 years, but more than 8 months, performance continues until the curriculum level. Eligible students are also eligible to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. Details are regularly updated on their immigration website.

Canada offers an excellent lifestyle for its residents. Therapeutic drugs are not only professional but also free. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Tuition fees are also much cheaper than in the US.

However an MBA remains one of its most expensive degrees. But if you were to compare the real numbers, the standard reading in Canada, is much cheaper than the prices in the United States. The average cost of an MBA in Canada is $ 30,000.

Anyone, with a current MBA student loan in the US, can attest to how reasonable this number is. The average salary, when completing a well-known MBA program in Canada is about $ 100,000. By reference, here is the cost of living in Canada’s top cities.

Here are some of the best MBA business schools in Canada as well as the average salary you can expect.

Review, good work permit process and general admissions culture are compelling reasons to pursue education in Canada. See the interesting links in the description below to learn more about studying in Canada. MBA Crystal Ball has helped many applicants to enter the best universities.


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